Images from around the school

School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

 Mr S Marsden

Mr S Marsden

  • I have the privilege to work with so many special people within the Battling Brook community - wonderful children, super staff and caring, supportive families.
  • My favourite band is Radiohead - Thom Yorke is a genius!
  • I love playing football (when I am not injured!) and I am captain and sweeper of a team based in Coventry.
 Mrs L Mathie

 Mrs L Mathie
Deputy Headteacher 

  • I live at home with my husband Chris and our two beautiful daughters, Savannah and Scarlett.
  • I have been teaching at Battling Brook since 2003.
  • I love Revels.

 Mrs F Bourne

Mrs F Bourne
School Business Manager 

  • I would love to see a whale in the wild.
  • I love to watch the seasons change.
  • My family and friends are the most important aspects of my life.

Mrs V Barlow
Foundation Stage Co-ordinator 

  • I have lots of pets including a dog, two cats and tropical fish!
  • I like going on holiday and reading books in the sunshine.
  • I love cake and chocolate
 Mrs L Williams

Mrs L Prince
Years 1 & 2 Phase Leader

  • I love spending time with my children Amelia and Alfie.
  • My favourite thing to do is  reading a good book in a nice deep bath.
  • I love chocolate. A lot!

Mrs K Leedham
Years 3 & 4 Phase Leader

  • My favourite colour is purple.
  • I especially enjoy teaching literacy.
  • I have a black labrador named Archie.
 Mrs Jastzrebski

Mrs S Jastrzebski
Years 5 & 6 Phase Leader

  • I could not live without my hair straighteners, my Leicester City season ticket and Diet Coke!
  • My lifetime ambition would be to read the classified football results.
  • I don't understand the point of ironing and Formula 1!


Teaching staff
(in alphabetical order by last name)


Mr J Bailey

  • I have lived in America and Australia.
  • I used to be a Jackaroo/Cowboy.
  • I have travelled all over the world, my next destination will be to visit South America (hopefully!).
Mrs F Burnett

Mrs F Burnett

  • I am a bit of a dare-devil.  Over the years, I have done scuba-diving, white-water rafting, gliding, parachuting, parascending and paragliding.
  • I love Galaxy chocolate!
  • I adore travelling. I have inter-railed around Europe, visited many cities in America, Australia and New Zealand.

Mrs S Cliffe

  • Every chance I get, I talk about food!
  • My favourite colour is teal (greeny/blue).
  • I enjoy reading on my e-reader.

Mrs J Cooper

  • I have a season ticket to watch Coventry Blaze ice hockey team.
  • I enjoy writing fiction.
  • I love spending time with my friends and family.

 N Day

Mrs N Day

  • I have a mental dog called Amber and 4 fiesty chickens.
  • My favourite colour is green.
  • My favourite thing in the world is chocolate.

Miss J Dennis

  • I have been a Ballroom and Latin Dancer since the age of 5. i have won numerous British Championships and came 2nd in the Ballroom World Championships in 2016.
  • My parents own a house in Cyprus, so I enjoy going on holiday there.
  • I love anything that sparkles, a spray tan, animals and of course teaching!

Miss G Durrant

  • I love learning useless facts such as what is almost the longest word in the English language that is spelt in alphabetical order!
  • My ambition is to own and renovate my own VW camper.
  • Owls are my favourite animals.
Miss L Aldridge

Mrs L Ettridge

  • I have a black labrador called Kayla who loves to swim!
  • I enjoy playing hockey every saturday for the Atherstone Adders.
  • I love visiting the Lake District.

   Mr A Fellows

Mr A Fellows

  • I love Wolves Speedway.
  • I support Wolverhampton Wanderers.
  • My hobby is long distance running and I have done a marathon and a 40 mile run!!!
Miss l Jenkinson

Mrs L Foster

  • I love sport, my favourite is netball.
  • I enjoy going to the cinema with friends.
  • I look forward to the challenges that each new year brings.

Miss J Gilbert

  • I enjoy cosy nights in, watching films.
  • I like baking cakes.
  • One day I would to fly in a helicopter.

Miss A Glasse

  • I love dark chocolate - "Green and Blacks" is my favourite!
  • My favourite breed of dog is the Hugarian Vizsla - it is my dream to own one.
  • I really enjoy holidays to Italy (pasta may have something to do with this).
Mrs A Halkett

Mrs A Halkett

  • I love eating out, shopping, spending time with friends and family, travelling and reading.
  • I would love to own an Aston Martin.
  • My ambition is to tick off every location in my "1,000 places to see before you die" book.

Mrs J Hamer-Hodges

  • I love going to Portugal with my husband and 2 sons.
  • I enjoy swimming.
  • I love baking and chocolate.
Miss J Taylor

Mrs J Handisides

  • I love handbags, I have too many to count!
  • My favourite colour is pink.
  • I HATE snakes!

Miss C Goodhead

Mrs C Harrison

  • I am a shopaholic!
  • I would love to own a fast black sports car!
  • I enjoy spending time at home and relaxing.

Mr E Holland

  • I have a season ticket at the home of world class rugby  Leicester Tigers.
  • I once won an award for being the most beautiful baby in Nottingham!
  • I play football four times a week.
Mrs S Imber

Mrs S Imber

  • I love spending time at home with Ollie and chatterbox Fin.
  • I have an extremely unfriendly black cat called Monkey.
  • My favourite bands are Fightstar, Paramore and Finch.

Mrs G Johnson

  • I live with my husband and two sons.
  • I like yoga and walking to keep fit.
  • My favourite subject is maths.

Miss H Lock

  • I really like eating Ice cream.
  • I have a chocolate Labrador called Jasper.

  • I also hate doing the washing up.

Miss L Parker

  • I love going on holiday - anywhere warm!
  • Chocolate is my favourite food.
  • I was table tennis county champion.

Mrs K Pickering

  • I like chocolate.
  • I enjoy doing zumba dancing.
  • I love anything that is sparkly and pink!

Miss L Saunders

  • My favourite colour is purple.
  • I love rugby.
  • I really hate doing the washin up!

Miss H Simpson

  • I have been horse riding since I was 7 and would love to have my own horse one day.
  • I love going on holiday anywhere sunny.
  • I enjoy listening to music.
Miss S Wells

Mrs S Woodcock

  • My favourite food is Roast Chicken.
  • I support Arsenal!
  • I enjoy running.


Pre-school staff - Little Battlers

 J Williscroft

Mrs J Williscroft - Pre-school Manager

  • I am mum to two grown up children.
  • I love dogs.
  • I enjoy watching "chick flicks".

Miss A Malyon

  • I live with my partner Marc and our daughter Lyla.
  • Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  • I love chocolate!
 Mrs T Mason

Mrs T Mason - Deputy Manager/SENCo

  • I am mum to two lovely teenagers.
  • I have two dogs and two cats.
  • I am busy, busy, busy!
 Z Smith

Mrs Z Smith

  • I have two fabulous children and a fantastic husband.
  • I have climbed Mount Snowdon.
  • I work at a brilliant Pre-school.

Miss H Taylor

  • I play darts for a ladies team.
  • I love Steps!
  • I have 2 beautiful nieces and a gorgeous nephew.
 B Woods

Mrs B Hall

  • I am married to Nic, we have 3 sons, Owen, Logan and Ashton.
  • We have a pet hedgehog called Nala and a cat called Dooley.
  • I am a Sheerio.



Office-based staff
(in alphabetical order by last name)


Mrs T Bruce - Behaviour Mentor 

  • I love spending time with my grown up children, Jacob, Jared and Hetty.
  • I enjoy holidays, eating out, shopping and gardening.
  • I live with my daughter Hetty and her hyper, crazy dog Archie!
Mrs D Cotterill

Mrs D Cotterill

  • I live at home with my husband and a rescue puppy called Harley.  I have two children that are both grown up.
  • I love working in the office at Battling Brook and seeing all of your happy faces.
  • I enjoy going for long walks and having long holidays!
Mrs V Cropper

Mrs V Cropper

  • I live at home with my husband, two beautiful daughters - Isabel and Molly, and my two cats.
  • My favourite place to go on holiday is Australia.
  • I love Italian and Indian food.

Mrs K Garrod - First Aid/Pastoral Care

  • My family and friends mean the world to me.
  • I love yoga, walking in the fresh air and swimming in the sea.
  • I love reading and can never resist a good book!
Mrs A Radford

Mrs A Radford - Care Advisor

  • I love shopping for shoes and clothes.
  • I love eating out (I hate cooking!).
  • My favourite music is Muse, Kings of Leon, Killers and Led Zepplin!


Support staff
(in alphabetical order by last name)


Mr G Armstrong

  • I was born in Scotland.
  • I am a big Rangers fan.
  • I enjoy fitness.
Mrs M Arnold

Mrs M Arnold

  • I live with my husband and two children.
  • I have a dog called Benji.
  • I love shopping.

Mrs M Aspley 

  • I live at home with my husband John and I have two grown up daughters, Laura and Sarah.
  • My hobbies are swimming and retail therapy.
  • I love my job and find it very rewarding!

Mrs L Atkins

  • I have 4 children.
  • I love art.
  • I have a dog called Patch.
Mrs K Bartlam

Mrs K Bartlam 

  • I am an identical twin to Mrs Godfrey.
  • I am married with two children, Nicolle and Alex.
  • I enjoy running, eating chocolate and working in the Foundation Stage.

Mrs N Beard

  • My family are my world.
  • I love ice cream!
  • Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Mrs L Bosworth

  • I love to go for walks in the countryside.
  • My favourtie time of year is Christmas.
  • I really don't like frogs, especially when they are jumping!

Miss A Carman

  • I love shopping.
  • I am an animal lover and have lots of pets.
  • I enjoy reading.

Miss J Carnall

  • I lived in Spain for 2 years.
  • I can do something unusual with my lips.
  • I can balance Maltesers on my nose!

Miss C Chippendale

  • I have two children - Bethany and Jack.
  • I have a crazy labrador called Bailey.
  • I love shopping and having pretty nails.

Mrs T Collyer

  • I live at home with my husband Mark and our three beautiful daughters - Lauren, Amber Summer and our fluffy cat Jasper.
  • I love ssunny holidays and I managed to fulfill a childhood dream one year when I swam with dolphins.
  • My favourite pastimes are Zumba and girly shopping trips.
Mrs L Corkill

Mrs L Corkill 

  • I love reading.
  • My hobby is cross stitch.
  • I enjoy going for long walks.
Mrs M Crooks

Mrs M Crooks

  • I am a singer in a jazz band.
  • I love hot and spicy food.
  • I lead a gospel choir.

Mrs M Clayton

  • I am married to the most wonderful husband Pete. We have two amazing children.
  • I cant live without sport! and Food!
  • I love to travel.
Mrs Y Daniel

Mrs Y Daniel 

  • I am married with three children.
  • Our family pets are a cat, 5 chickens, 2 lizards, a chameleon and lots of fish.
  • I like to relax with a good book and lots of chocolate!

Mrs S Ensor

  • I am married to my wonderful husband Neil. We have two beautiful daughters Libby and Layla.
  • I feel blessed to be doing a job that I love!
  • My favourite colour is pink.

Mrs A Fellows

  • I am a mother to two lovely children.
  • I like reading and speedway.
  • I love watching crime movies.
Mrs J Glover

Mrs J Glover 

  • I live at home with my husband, my son and three beautiful girls.
  • I love working at Battling Brook.
  • I love watching football and support Chelsea (Champions!).

Mr C Grainger

  • I am an ex-Royal Marine.
  • I am the family D.I.Y. man.
  • I make dolls houses and novelty beds in my spare time.

Mrs J Hatfield

  • The Queen visited my secondary school when I was in Year 8.
  • I have abseiled down the side of a college building to raise money for Children in Need.
  • My hobbies include singing, watching medical dramas on TV and making blackberry jam!

Miss A Hextall

  • I enjoy Karate.
  • I love spending time with my three children and two dogs.
  • Chocolate is the best thing EVER!

Mrs S Hicklin

  • I love spending time with my 2 children and 5 grandchidren.
  • I am an active member of St. Johns Church.
  • I enjoy going on holoidays to Devon.
Mrs J Hopewell

Mrs J Hopewell 

  • I love going on holiday.
  • My favourite food is chocolate.
  • I enjoy going shopping.

Miss G Houghton

  • I am a twin.
  • I love anything Disney.
  • I enjoy going on holiday and shopping.

Mrs D Hurst

  • I am married to Jim and have two boys.
  • I support Leicester City.
  • I love chocolate and pizza.

Mrs L Jones

  • I live at home with my husband and 2 daughters.
  • I am a twin but we were born in different months.
  • I was a student at Battling Brook.

Miss L Jones

  • I have 3 boys - Elliott, Ross and Liam.
  • My favourite food is Italian.
  • I love to see Neil Diamond in concert - I have seen him 4 times so far!

Miss  M Jones

  • I have recently completed my degree at the University of Derby.
  • I love going to music festivals every summer, my dream is to go to Glastonbury!
  • I have previously worked at a school in Italy.

Mrs J Kirby

  • I love spending time with my husband and two children.
  • In my spare time, I like to do muddy obstacle race runs and half marathons.  One day I'd like to do the London Marathon.
  • I also teach swimming.

Mr R Kotecha

  • I never leave the house withour wearing something orange.
  • I love to watch Spurs!
  • My favourite place to visit is India.
Mr S Martin

Mr S Martin 

  • I am a fabulous golfer!
  • Everybody loves me!
  • I am very modest!

Mrs L Merry

  • I live with my partner Andy and two children - Travis and Jasmine.
  • I used to be a pupil at Battling Brook!
  • I have two guinea pigs called Fred & Bo.

Miss J Mugglestone

  • I love travelling and my favourite holiday place is Morrocco.
  • I am a twin.
  • I love taking photos of my experiences with friends and family.
Mrs N Owens

Mrs N Owens

  • I am married to Jamie and have 3 wonderful daughters.
  • My favourite music is Take That!
  • I love the X Factor and I am team Edward!
 Mrs J Parton

Mrs J Parton

  • I have two children and four grandchildren.
  • I enjoy line dancing and keep fit.
  • I like gardening.
Mrs E Phillips

Mrs E Phillips 

  • I love to paint and draw.
  • I enjoy eating chocolate.
  • I live at home with my husband, my two children and my dog called Maxi.

Mrs A Plant

  • I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family.
  • I love to ride my bike through the woods.
  • I like to eat chocolate.

Mrs J Sikhon

  • I enjoy travelling especialy when it's somewhere with hot weather and plenty of culture.
  • My hobbies are going to the gym and listening to music.
  • My favourite food is Thai food, it's colourful with plenty of spices.
Mrs S Simpson

Mrs S Simpson 

  • I am married to Mark with two lovely grown up daughters, Gemma and Hannah.
  • I love shopping and fashion.
  • I enjoy DIY and making my own soft furnishings.

Mrs E Spradbury

  • I am a classically trained singer and I sang at The Royal Albert Hall.
  • I have a cat called Millie.
  • I love my job!
Mrs K Vaughn-Prosser

Mrs K Vaughan-Prosser

  • I love crisps, ready salted are my favourite.
  • I hate the long, cold winter.
  • I love taking my dog, Max, for walks.
Mrs A walkely

Mrs A Walkley 

  • My favourite things are singing in a gospel choir, swimming, holidays and cycling.
  • My favourite foods are cheesy chips, chocolate and ketchup (not together!)
  • I can perform major gymnastics feats ie cartwheels and headstands!
Mrs K Webster

Ms K Webster

  • I am happily married with 4 great kids.
  • I enjoy going on holidays, especially abroad where it's nice and hot!
  • I have a staffy dog who is very loving and likes a lot of fuss.
Mrs S Wightman

Ms S Wightman

  • I live with my 2 daughters.
  • I enjoy shopping, going to the theatre and cinema.
  • I play badminton and like going out for meals with my friends.

Miss H Wileman 

  • I was a pupil at the School.
  • My Brother is Mr M Wileman.
  • I love Minions & Giraffes!

Mr M Wileman

  • I was a pupil at Battling Brook.
  • I love technology! 
  • My favourite artist is David Bowie!

Mrs K Williams

  • I live at home with husband and 2 chidren.
  • I have 2 cats - Paddy and Ginger.
  • I love cars both old and new!

Mr B White

  • I am a musician.
  • I run an arm wrestling club.
  • I enjoy fixing things!

Mrs S White

  • I have two rescue dogs called Snoopy and Gracie.
  • love to cook but I cannot bake!
  • I want to live on the canal in a narrowboat one day.