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Year 3 (Key Stage 2)

                                                      Welcome to Year 3!


This term we have been finding out facts about the Amazon rainforest. In Literacy we have read a range of stories that are set in the rainforest. Then we wrote our own stories using the facts and descriptive words gathered from the stories we read. In geography we have been using atlases to locate the rainforests around the world, and understand the different climates. We also looked at how to save water and why it is important to keep an eye on the amount of water we use. In science we have looked at different types of plants, researched the features of plants and completed investigations involving plants. During Art, we created paintings based on the works of Henri Rousseau, who based many of his paintings in a rainforest or a jungle. The children have enjoyed learning about the rainforest and produced some wonderful pieces of work.

  1. Year 3 Curriculum Bulletin Autumn 2014