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Covid Awareness

Even though many COVID restrictions have now been lifted, we are continuing with hand-sanitising, routine hand washing, additional cleaning and avoiding face-to-face meetings with external visitors. We will then review our procedures towards the end of this first term.  Some of the procedures with regards to COVID and isolation have changed:

  • If someone develops symptoms or tests positive, they must continue to isolate.  Close contacts and household members do NOT have to isolate if they have been double vaccinated OR are under 18 years and 6months of age.  Close contacts are instead requested to take a PCR test.
  • If you as a parent/carer test positive for COVID-19, guidance states that following a negative PCR result, your child may still attend school.  Please inform the school office via email/telephone who will be dropping off and collecting your child.

Of course, if the situation changes, and tighter measures need to be put in place, then we will inform you as necessary. 

Further useful information can be found using the links below: