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Please Update Your Details

We will increasingly be using email as a way of communicating information to parents.  Therefore please, please, please ensure that your current email address is registered and verified with Parentpay and or the ParentLite App* in order that you do not miss relevant and useful information from school.

In recent weeks, two emails have been sent by school.  Our records illustrate that despite 612 emails being sent, only 55%  were shown as being received/read by parents carers!

Additionally, please  ensure that contact details i.e. changes of address/new mobile numbers (including those of non-parental emergency contacts) etc., are kept up to date with school.  It is imperative that we are able to quickly and easily contact you in case of illness/emergency.  If you would like to check the details held, please do not hesitate to call at the school office. 

Also if you have parental responsibiltiy for your child but do not live at the same address on a full time basis, then we may not hold up to date contact details for you.  In order to ensure that you receive information such as newsletters and copies of your child's report, please call the school office to confirm your details.  Equally, if you have contact details for someone with parental responsibility for your child and you would like them adding to our systems, please let us know.

Changes should be notified via the Parentlite app.  If you have not yet received an invitation to use Parentlite, please contact the office as soon as possible.  Thank you.