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Home Learning

Week 4 of the Spring term and the second school lockdown and I felt the need to touch base now we are all more in the swing of remote learning.

As I write, I am aware that every household/family is experiencing lockdown in their own unique way and we, as a school, are trying our best to support each of those circumstances during this period.  With no indication of when schools are to reopen to all pupils, it would seem prudent to take stock of where we are in terms of remote learning.  Staff have been ringing parents/carers and pupils throughout the week and we are increasingly being made aware that whilst many families have happily adapted to ‘Lockdown Life’, others are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure from everything that is happening.

We recognise that this is a really tough time for parents.  The boundaries between home and school have been blurred and children, who would normally happily comply with work in school, are perhaps reticent to work as hard for their parent in the role of education facilitator!  This is where we come in…we do not ever wish you to feel pressurised to be teachers – that is our job and we certainly do not expect you to replicate school in your home.  However, we are mindful that the long absence from the classroom may go on for some time yet, and we are trying to find a happy medium between acknowledging the strange times in which we live, whilst also caring about our children’s education. 

If and when staff contact you, they do so from a place of care and concern for your child, and for any gaps in knowledge that may be forming.  When staff phone to chase missing work, it is not to make you feel guilty, but to support you in helping children to complete tasks.  From what we hear, some children are ‘testing the boundaries’ with parents, and just a little word/reminder from the teacher that we are here has enabled the child to at least attempt the work.

We want to try everything we can to further support you at home.  Therefore, from this Monday, 1st February, we are arranging for a daily ‘morning meeting’ for your child (and other home-learners) with a member of staff.  The meetings will last approximately 10 minutes and the staff are really looking forward to them.  We very much hope you will encourage your child to participate – further details are attached.

I have also attached some useful ideas shared by teachers over the past weeks.  These have really helped some of our parents to more easily support their children with their learning.

Finally, as already mentioned, we know that this is an incredibly difficult time.  A child’s safe place to relax has also become their place to learn.  Please do not feel alone.  School staff are on hand and want to speak to children who are struggling so please allow us to support you in any way we can, even if that is just a gentle reminder to your child of what we would expect at school.  Please also remember that we are here to support you too!