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Adult's Resources

Thank you for popping along to your feel good hub. Within your area are links connecting to all kind of resources including:

  • You feel good: yoga, music, healthy recipes, workouts, therapeutic services, local fitness groups, hypnotherapy services and counsellors.

In addition to making you feel good there are signposts to tools which can help you to help your kids feel good:

  • Children’s helpline numbers, counsellor support, resources from experts in areas relating to children, downloadable books and social stories as well as links to tools you can purchase for use at home.

We hope you find the hub useful.


Health and fitness:

Lots of local fitness instructors are offering live and online sessions. If the times don’t suit you, many instructors offer a ‘replay’ option so when their session is complete, you receive a link to complete the sessions in your own time.

Find local instructors by searching online or even Facebook (if you have it) eg:  Online yoga near me, live yoga near me.

Here are some links to local  yoga hubs:


Yoga not for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fitness trainers and instructors offering all sorts of sessions straight through your computer. Some have even opened up small, outdoor group sessions too and all can be found right on your doorstep if you know where to look.  

Try searching; Clubbercise near me, local park fitness, boot camp fitness, online fitness classes, personal training and nutrition etc

Always add ‘near me’ or the first part of your postcode (eg LE9 ) at the end and you will find someone local for sure!

Of course if you prefer, there are LOADS of free online options too. You can download apps or subscribe to Youtube channels. They may bombard you with marketing to pay for their plans but you don’t need to at all, just use their free options which there are plenty to choose from:

Joe Wicks the Body Coach:

The Betty Rocker :