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Adult's Resources

Welcome to the adult's area. Within here you will find links which cover a variety of well-being needs:

  • Body and movement, mindfulness and meditation, nutritional advice and healthy recipes, therapeutic service suggestions, mental health and support services.

In addition to supporting YOU with your wellbeing we are creating a children's area too. In the children's area we currently have links for; online fun and fitness, books, stories and no cook recipes. We will add to this throughout the year.

We hope you find this useful.

Body – Movement for men and women:

Yoga for beginners : Yoga with Christina – Chriska Yoga – This link is to her channel and incorporates all levels of yoga from gentle hatha for beginners to vinyassa flow for more experienced practitioners:

The Betty Rocker – (U.S based)This Youtube channel has been created by a fitness trainer. She has created playlists for all levels of fitness from beginners to high intensity. She offers a wealth of exercise and fitness videos, you will also find nutritional information guides and recipes too just click subscribe to access (subscription is free):

The Body Coach TV: We know who he is, subscribe to the channel to access all levels of exercise and fitness videos as well as recipes and healthy eating guides:

Nourish, move, love: (US based): Another fitness channel with access to nutrition and recipes too… the playlists on this channel also offer challenges from 4 – 12 weeks to help you achieve specific goal. She also provides guides and tutorials for expectant mums to help keep you flexible and fit during pregnancy (if that’s something you’re looking to do).


In person, groups and "face to face" fitness more your thing? Hinckley has an abundance of gyms, leisure spaces and local athletic groups. Simply type into google (or your search engine) what it is you’re looking for (for example) running groups near me, fitness groups near me or cricket teams near me, to generate local health and fitness facillities. 

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to; raise levels of positivity and happiness and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

There are a wealth of APPs out there for you to download for free. You can get them to your iphone, ipad or android devices. They offer music, guided meditations, visualisations, relaxations and much more. These aren’t for everyone, but they are free and worth a look if mindfulness and meditation is something you are considering introducing to your life.

Apps such as;

Insight timer, Calm, Headspace, 10% Happier, Exhale, The Mindfulness App and Aura , all offer  free access but have paid upgrade options too.

If APPs aren’t your thing you can subscribe to YouTube channels for free and the following channels offer varying levels of styles and times…


Deepak Chopra :

Daily Calm:

Caroline McCready:

Susie Hemsted:

In Person: The Hinckley & Bosworth area has a great community of mindfulness and meditation coaches offering online, one to one and small group options. Again, just tap ‘mindfulness and/or meditation’ (near me / or Hinckley) into your search engine and a list of local providers should come up for you.

Mental Health & Support Services:

Hinckley has a fabulous provision of private services offering support with emotional health, well-being, stress, anxiety and depression. These services range from relaxation therapies and mindfulness to counselling and hypnotherapy… Simply type into Google what it is you are looking for and remember to add ‘in Hinckley’ or ‘near me’ to get the nearest located services to you.

If you are finding that you are struggling with your mental health and feel you need support, there are a number of charitable organisations out there who can; support you, recommend local and national services or even offer peer support groups. Here are just a few:

Charity Support Services.

For men:

MENSOAR : A peer support service for men across Leicestershire and Rutland. 





Men’s Minds Matter (MMM): A website and charity group focused on improving the provision of mental health support for men. As well as providing links to support services such as: Mind and Samaritans (among others), MMM offers support and guidance on a huge range of issues that may be considered ‘Taboo’, this service is all about support and helping those struggling to reach out.

For women:

Refuge - A support service for women, children and young people. This service is for those who may be experiencing or know of someone who is experiencing; physical, verbal and threatening abuse or behaviour. Refuge offers support teams, advice, guidance and legal advice.


The MindEd Core Curriculum is directly aimed at all adults working as professionals or volunteers with children and young people and is not aimed specifically at a specialist child mental health audience. It offers elearning to inform about the mental health of children and young people, what goes wrong and what can be done to help. It provides a wealth of information on child development, how problems show and will give practical insights into when to be concerned, what to do and when to refer on to specialists. We realise that you may have little or no training in mental health issues in children and young people. These sessions are intended to provide you with guidance and support. They will increase your knowledge and build your confidence. However, they cannot replace formal training in these complex issues.

Vita Mental Health Service: Based in Leicestershire and Rutland VitaMinds is a free service where you don’t to see a GP for referral. This service offers the option of ‘self- referral’ where you can discuss your concerns with a member of the team.

There are also the Nation Wide services that you can contact for support who will offer links based on your needs:

Samaritans -

Mind -

Healthy eating, diet and nutrition.

We all know how important it is to think about what goes into our bodies to help us live a full and healthy life. However, with busy lives, it can become time- consuming, and let's face it a pain, to come up with new meal ideas which are quick and easy to cook, appetising for fussier children and within budget.

Below are some links to websites and services which offer recipe ideas, meal plans and even shopping lists to help you build goodness and nutrition into your week (ideas for all budgets.)

Healthy Eating, Nutrition Guidance and Advice:

Ideas and recipes -

The Body Coach – here he is again, not only a fitness pro offering a wealth of free fitness access- via his channel you can also access videos offering meal ideas and recipes.

Eat Well (NHS) – This is a fab resource as it offers dietary and nutrition advice as well as recipes and tips for how to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Live Well (NHS) – Another fab freebie offering advice and guidance on nutrition for the little ones too. In here you can quickly find a handful of delicious recipes. There is also a FREE – 4 week ‘Cook Together’ challenge. All you need to do is sign up for free. Then you will receive 2 new recipes every week for 4 weeks. Each recipe comes with easy to follow instructions and a shopping list of ingredients to help you cook some healthy and nutritious meals. By the end of the challenge you will have 8 new recipe ideas to enjoy cooking with/for your family and friends..

Love Food Hate Waste – Another great website giving you access to meal ideas which help you use up the left overs therefore, saving you shopping time and money.

Sainsbury’s – This one is fantastic! These guys offer an amazing web based resource that helps take the headache out of meal time decisions. With options for little ones, for healthy eating, for weight loss, getting in your veg or just something a bit different you can find something to suit on here. You can choose breakfast, lunch and dinner options and choose to have a 3,4 or 5 day menu. Not only that, you can also get an accompanying shopping list (which of course you can then use at your own choice of supermarket if Sainsbury’s isn’t for you.)

Stuck for time? There are a number of companies who will take all the planning and shopping completely off your shoulders, all you have to do is the fun bit and cook.

If you are new members or first time users you can often get great discounts so that you can try it out at a reduced price:

Gousto -

Hello Fresh -

The Mindful Chef -