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Day-to-day life at Battling Brook School

Children should expect an exciting and vibrant learning environment. A huge amount of work has been undertaken to deliver this and more improvements are planned in the near future. The school provides a unique learning environment in which Every Child Matters.

A vibrant environment...

A key feature of our school is the colourful, vibrant learning environment, which is full of interactive areas in which our children can learn, play and explore. Many of the best ideas for school improvement come from the children and are discussed by our very active  school council. The children take real pride in seeing their ideas made a reality!

Inside the school we have many themed areas such as the Reading Dungeon and the Computer Cavern!  More exciting innovations will be coming soon. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and we use up-to-date ICT including hand-held video cameras, visualisers and classroom laptops with wireless internet access. From the state of the art Astroturf to the chicken coop, outdoor theatre and double decker bus, our school is like no other!

An inspiring curriculum...

The school constantly aims to provide a curriculum designed to engage and inspire all children. Our exciting and creative curriculum is supported by modern technology, theme days, out-of-school visits and partnership working with various agencies.

All children are unique and have their own special gifts and talents. We also know that children learn in many different ways, and we therefore teach using a variety of methods in order to help children to realise their full potential.

Good behaviour...

Pupils are consistently reminded of appropriate behaviour both in and around school.  All children are encouraged to respect and care for other people to ensure a more happy and positive environment for everyone.

The general classroom guidelines for good behaviour are as follows:

  • To follow instructions carefully
  • To listen carefully when people talk
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • To raise your hand instead of calling out
  • To allow others to learn without distraction. 

Good behaviour is promoted in a consistent way in order for the children the feel safe and secure, the school to be orderly, and to set the tone for quality teaching and learning.

Children and their class teachers create a class charter at the beginning of the school year, highlighting everyone's right to learn as well as our own responsibilities.  Visitors to our school regularly comment on how polite, well mannered and well-behaved the children are - something of which we are very proud!

Parents have a vital role in fostering good behaviour.  Difficult behaviour is frequently linked to poor school performance and parents must understand the importance of ensuring that children take their school and home work seriously.  Parents can support the school ethos on behaviour by signing the schools' behaviour contract which is issued during the first half term.

Should you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact the school. 

Before-school care

Battling Brook provides the "Earlybirds" breakfast club. This is available from 7.45am until the start of the school day.

Each session costs £2.00.  If you are interested in your child attending, please contact the school office. It is not always necessary to book a place, however, we need to ensure that the facility is adequately staffed.

The school day


First bell - Children to enter their classrooms


Second bell - Children to be seated ready for registration

10.30am - 10.45am

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 break time

10.55am - 11.10am

Key Stage 2 break time

12noon - 1.10pm

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 lunchtime

12.15pm - 1.10pm

Key Stage 2 lunchtime


End of school day

After-school care

There is an after-school facility provided by Jan Stoker available from 3.15pm until 5.30pm. To book a place or for further information, please contact Lauren Glover on 07884 404742.

Holiday clubs

Holiday clubs are provided as part of the extended schools programme. From football coaching and dancing and cheerleading classes to craft and design workshops, as well as full-time care provided by Jan Stoker.

Information on all available clubs will be sent home with the children prior to holidays. For further information, please contact the school office.

School clubs and extra-curricular activities

Pupils at Battling Brook can access a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  The school has a growing reputation in music, with opportunities to join the school choir, orchestra, steel pan group as well as individual instrument lessons.  Key Stage 2 pupils can also access guitar and drum lessons.  There is also a lunchtime homework club where children can get support from staff with their homework.

There are many opportunities to get involved in sporting activities such as football, netball, swimming, tag rugby, cricket and dancing courses. Eco Warriors help to take care of green issues at the school. There are also art and drama clubs that run at various points during the year.

The school council meets every month.  It consists of Key Stage 2 pupils and Mr Marsden.  Issues concerning the children are discussed and the council are consulted on key matters such as uniform, the behaviour policy and the school development plan. The school council is also active in fundraising.

The school also attend residential trips. This is an amazing opportunity for your child to take part in some fantastic activities and to stay away from home with their classmates.  These trips take place in Years 4, 5 and 6.  For further information, please contact the school office.

Useful information

Illness at school...

Should your child become ill/injured at school, we have staff trained in paediatric first aid.  Parents are contacted if sickness or injury prohibits the child from learning.  It is therefore essential that the school is notified quickly of any changes in telephone numbers or addresses - please do so using the SIMs Parentlite app or emailing any changes to the school office.

Medication at school...

To comply with Health & Safety regulations, parents are requested to administer all medication before or after school, unless the medication is required four times per day.  If this is the case, please bring in a note along with the medication to the school office and speak to Mrs Saunders or Mrs Radford.

Children who suffer from asthma must have their inhaler in school at all times.

Head Lice Guidance

Please see the document below for further information and advice on the treatment and prevention of head lice.

Lost property

All property including footwear, should be CLEARLY LABELLED.  Should any property be found, it will be put in the lost property bin in the main school hall.  If you wish to check this, please go to the main school office either before 8.45am or after 3.15pm.

During the winter  months at school, certain pathways will be gritted in the interests of health and safety.