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Battling Brook is committed to being a school with reading at its heart. We want pupils to develop a love of reading, have a good knowledge of a range of authors and be able to understand more about the world in which they live, through the knowledge they gain from texts. By the end of their time at primary school, we endeavour to ensure that all children will be able to read fluently, and with confidence, in order to be well-prepared for the next stage in their education.

Reading is taught in a number of different ways including: guided reading, independent reading and whole class reading sessions.

In the Foundation Stage and Years One and Year Two, children are first taught to read through the teaching of phonics and this is supplemented by the Read, Write Inc scheme.

In Key Stage 2, we have embarked on the Accelerated Reading programme to supplement the teaching of reading. Although this is not a stand-alone reading programme, it promotes great reading for pleasure whilst carefully tracking progress to make sure that children are reading books with the appropriate level of challenge. Children are able to use myON at home, where they can access further reading books online.


The teaching of writing involves a process of drafting, redrafting and editing. At the drafting stage, children are encouraged to write freely in order to get their ideas down on paper. The redrafting stage involves children reflecting on their work and trying to improve it. The editing stage is where they correct errors such as spelling mistakes or missing punctuation.  As a school, we plan and adapt our English lessons to individualise the lessons for our children and we encourage children to take pride in their learning. As with Reading, writing is promoted not only in English lessons, but within all areas of our curriculum, throughout the school.


In EYFS and KS1, spelling is taught through the read, write inc program.  In KS2, spelling is taught using the Spelling Shed Programme, Stages 3 to 6.