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Right from the Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 1 and throughout Key Stage 2, Geography is taught in a way that puts the people and places at the center of the learning projects. The children at Battling Brook are also at the heart of these lessons where they have the opportunity to apply their geographical knowledge and skills within school and their local area, as well as exploring links to other areas of their curriculum; this is how we cultivate ‘botheredness’ and purpose, truly engaging and immersing all pupils in Geography, making it matter to them.

Currently, we are using the Chris Quigley Milestones, which support and enhance lessons through a sequence of knowledge and skills progression laid out in three bands: basic, advancing and deep. These are used as a guide for planning but are adapted for lessons and tasks to suit the needs of all the children we teach. Each unit begins with Investigating Places, Investigate Patterns and Communicative Geography, which allows us to ensure a range of coverage and progression from the year group before and the year group that is to follow.