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Year 3 (Key Stage 2)

In Year 3 we provide a high quality education, giving children a secure and confident start to Key Stage 2. We are committed to nurturing the children to become more independent, at an age where they begin to take more responsibility for their learning. We are inclusive and welcoming to all, and British Values are embedded in all that we do.

We cover all areas of the curriculum and deliver lessons in a variety of ways to capture the interest of all children. Using the Learning Power Approach means that we encourage the children to make decisions surrounding their own learning, and produce work to the best of their ability. Responsibility and ownership of their learning is paramount and we often enable the children to choose their own learning partners and present their work in their own unique way, which gives them a huge sense of pride.

Our schools aims, EACH (Equality, Active learning, Compassion, Honour), underpin our daily routine and we encourage the children to be thoughtful and kind.

By the end of Year 3, we aim to give each child the confidence to learn independently and move through Key Stage 2 with determination and self- worth.