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Year 4 (Key Stage 2)

In Year 4, we aim to nurture and encourage independent thinking, learning and decision making. As the children mature, they will be encouraged to start to think about and evaluate their own learning. Year 4 children are given opportunities to stop and rethink their academic work, and also their behaviour, to reflect honestly on improvements which could be made.

As children begin to mature in year 4, they start to ask insightful questions, which develops their curiosity and inquisitiveness. Children are actively encouraged to find out things for themselves and take more ownership of their learning. We ensure that curriculum objectives, from year 4 and below, are fully embedded in our teaching. This ensures that children are equipped with the key skills that will allow them to achieve highly in upper key stage 2.

Overall, perhaps the single most important aspect of this year is to increase the children’s independence and confidence and to build upon skills, which will support their academic and personal development.