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Year 5 (Key Stage 2)

Welcome to Year 5- the start of the journey into Upper Key Stage Two. At the heart of our curriculum in Year 5, is the theme of ‘exploration’ whilst also adhering to the values of the Learning Power Approach. Through the exploration of their world, themselves, their history, their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses, our children progress into becoming active learners who are beginning to understand the importance of their role in the world. We are passionate about giving children opportunities to succeed, understand how to overcome failure and navigate barriers through collaborative learning, being reflective and celebrating determination and resilience. We are continually reshaping our immersive curriculum to take into consideration the children’s interests and learning preferences; we model reflection and determination as well as develop it.

We are lucky to have a dedicated team of experienced professionals:

Mrs Davison: Class teacher and Year Group leader

Miss Khan: Class Teacher

Mrs Leedham: Class Teacher

Mrs Skyte: Class Teacher

Mrs Aspley: Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)

Miss Carmen: Cover Supervisor (Year 5/6)

Mrs Hopewell: Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)

Mrs Piccinno: Cover Supervisor (Year 5/6)

Dr. Powers: Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)

Mrs Sikhon : Cover Supervisor (Year 5/6)

Mrs Swain: Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)

Mrs. Wyatt: Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)